Our Mentors offer support to a young adult living with Cystic Fibrosis. Mentors share social activities and support to reduce isolation, broaden horizons and explore concerns to help improve self- esteem, coping skills and the person’s quality of life.


Young adults living with this progressive and debilitating condition can face a variety of challenges that disadvantage them socially, financially and in the workplace. Their restrictions on their lifestyle can leave them isolated and sometimes struggling to cope. A Mentor will meet with a young adult regularly to build a trusting one to one relationship. This will allow the person space and a suitable environment to explore their feelings, discuss their desires and aspirations and grow their life skills. In some cases the client will be increasing their confidence and coping skills for independent living.


Mentors need to have a full driving licence of at least 2 years and have the use of a smoke free car.

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